No Break - Industrial UPS

For the Industrial line, we use a high protection degree to withstand aggressive environments such as port areas, railway stations, chemical, oil, mining companies, among others. The equipment has Smart Control technology, which will allow the local operator to perform operations on the UPS, such as reading and calibrating all analog quantities, executing commands, checking the values of all sensors and, using a password, changing the UPS sensors and DC voltage. This makes it possible to use several types of batteries (VRLA/Flooded/Alkaline/Automotive). In addition to providing high customization flexibility in our projects, in order to better meet the needs of each customer.


Line CCU
Power 1 KVA to 100 KVA
Input and Output Voltages 127, 220, 380 or 480 Vac Single or three phase.
Other voltages on request.
Input-Output Frequency 50/60 Hz or 400 Hz
Harmonic Distortion Less than 3%
Battery types Lead-Acid Line, Flooded or VRLA construction in absorbent glass mat (AGM) or gel cell, and Alkaline line batteries
Batteries Accommodation and Assembly
  • Open Rack or Closed Cabinet
  • Interconnection cables with protection (Circuit breakers/Fuses)
  • Overload/short circuit (electronic protection of the switching circuit)
  • Undervoltage/Overvoltage in the AC output
  • Battery undervoltage (with automatic shutdown of inverter)
  • Battery overvoltage
  • Overtemperature
  • Transfer to alternative power supply in case of failure of the UPS Inverter Module (equipment with Static Switch)
  • Optional isolating transformer on each stage. Rectifier, inverter or both