Parallel Single Phase DC/AC Inverter System

The CJN3000-P series of inverters is designed to meet the AC power needs of 48 Vdc telecommunications systems, and also has high-efficiency SPWM technology. Power applications for wireless equipment, PABX, routers, servers, microwave equipment and similar that require AC power.

t allows parallelism with up to 4 units in its own cabinet, which makes it possible to supply a load of up to 12 kVA. The CJN3000-P Inverters synchronize automatically and work in Master-Slave mode.
Line CJN 3000 - P
Power Up to 12 kVA
Input Voltage 48 Vdc
Output Voltage 220 Vac
Main Features
  • Rear access
  • Parallel with up to 4 units in its own cabinet, enabling a system of up to 12 kVA
  • Automatic synchronization when in parallel
  • Meets telecommunications power standards in both AC and DC
  • Inverter with high efficiency SPWM technology
  • Total protection
  • Low electrical noise in DC
  • Compact design
  • SDB9 (RS232) communication port and dry contact
Dimensions (mm)
  • CJN-P 3000-P (HxWxD) = 88 x 435 x 358 (parallel)
  • Rack (HxWxD) = 445 x 445 x 440 (up to 12kVA)