Inverters and Voltage Inverters Systems - Telecom

The three-phase power inverter system has AC and DC inputs. Through high frequency conversion, the inverter modules transfer the DC power to high quality AC power with pure sine waveform. The system accepts from 1 to 8 inverter modules per phase in order to meet the customer's capacity requirements and constituting a redundant three-phase system in parallel n + 1, ... (n + m) (m = redundant module).

The AC output of the distribution (UDE) supplies power to consumers (output or input can be changed by including power autotransformers, located inside or outside the cabinet). The three-phase AC output can work with 100% unbalance load.
When the system has a network power supply input (by-pass), it synchronizes with the power supply to ensure uninterrupted transfer of AC output to network in case of system overload or system failure.

In case of system overload or system failure, the load is transferred uninterruptedly to the by-pass by static switching module. When the overload condition normalizes or the inverters recover, the loads are transferred without interruption back to the parallel inverter power system. 
Line CPCS01 - Three-Phase Parallel Inverter
Power Up to 160 KVA (N+1 System)
Input Voltage 48 Vdc
Output Voltage 220/127, 380/220 Three-phase
110, 120, 127 and 220 Single phase
Output Frequency 60Hz - Sinusoidal
Distortion Less than 3%
Dimensions (mm)
  • CPCS01 (HxWxD) = 2000 x 600 x 600 (up to 36KVA)
Composition of the CCIS System DB9 (RS232) communication port and dry contact