Industrial Thyristorized, Analog or Microprocessed Battery Charger Rectifier

The CCKR Battery Rectifier, manufactured by CTRLTECH, was developed for industrial use in its various segments, such as power supply of control panels, protection for power generation and distribution, telecommunications, process control, emergency lighting and others.

It can use acid or alkaline, flooded or sealed (VRLA), stationary or automotive batteries. The CCKR has specific control, which automatically adjusts the voltage and current output values, depending on the battery charge status. It also allows the operator to manually select, using a key or command, the Float regimes - Equalization and Deep Load / Manual.

Input Voltage 110, 127, 220, 380, 440, 460, and 480 Vac Single Phase or Three-phase
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Output Voltage 12/24, 48, 110, 125, 220 and 250 Vdc (fixed) – or On Request
Output Current 15 to 1000Adc
Output Power 150kW
Output Ripple 2%
Optional: 1% or 0.1%
Line and Load Regulation +/-1%
  • Circuit breaker in AC input
  • Thermostat on Semiconductors
  • Fuses: Consumer and Battery
  • Electronic rectifier inhibition in case of consumer overvoltage
  • Electronic rectifier inhibition in case of AC phase failure
  • Battery fuse (optional)
  • DBattery Disconnect (Optional)
  • Turn off AC contactor (optional)
  • Relays for UDQ command up to 03 steps (optional)
  • 19” Standard Rack, wall or Self-sustaining