Compact Single Sinusoidal Inverter - Telecom

The INV Inverters series was designed to meet the AC power needs of telecommunications systems at 48 Vdc, with high efficiency SPWM technology. Power applications for wireless equipment, PABX, routers, servers, microwave equipment and others that require AC power. 

Line INV
Power From 1kVA to 3kVA
Input Voltage 48 Vdc
Output Voltage 110/120/127/220 Vac (On request)
Main Features
  • Front Access
  • Meets telecommunications power standards in both AC and DC
  • Inverter with high efficiency SPWM technology
  • Total protection
  • Low electrical noise in DC
  • Compact design
  • Output of dry contacts for monitoring
Dimensions (mm)
  • INV 1 kVA (HxWxD) = 44 x 440 x 300 (Single)
  • INV 2KVA and 3KVA (HxWxD) = 88 x 440 x 350 (Single)