Battery Rectifier/Charger - Modular High Frequency Switching

The CPCR 11E Modular Switching Rectifier System consists of DC Rectifier Units (UR 125V/25A 1-20 units in parallel), CPCKR-03E monitoring module, AC input panel and DC distribution panel.

The CPCKR-03E module is the control unit of the High Frequency Switching Rectifier System. The front panel of the monitoring module includes the LCD, touch buttons and LEDs. Supervision allows the user to monitor and adjust the CPCR11E Switching Rectifier System.

Line CPCR 11E (Switching Module)
Input Voltage 220, 380, or 440 Vac Single Phase or Three-phase
Frequency 60 Hz
Output Voltage 110 to 150 Vdc (fixed)
Output Current 25 to 300A (25A per Rectifier Units)
Output Power 16 to 48kW
Output Ripple Line: 0.1%
Load: 0.5%
Load Regulation +/-1%
  • Circuit breaker in AC input
  • Fuse in the output of SMR protection
  • Overvoltage - the failure unit turns off
  • Output short circuit protection with automatic recovery
  • Circuit breaker in DC output
  • Battery Disconnect (Optional)
  • Overtemperature
  • Relays for UDQ command up to 03 steps (optional)
  • 19” Standard Rack, wall or Self-sustaining